Eric May – Media Consultant




Charisma and performance


The meaning of charisma itself has often been misintepreted. “Charisma” is not some mysterious, magical quality that gives some people the power to persuade, lead, or inspire.*

Consider that the root word of charisma is the Greek work “kharis”, meaning “grace.”

Charismatic people have…

- grace 

- self confidence (not just job confidence)

- comfort with themselves and the ability to make others comfortable

- a clear goal, purpose, mission, passion

and most importantly:

the willingness to take risks to be approachable and human, even vulnerable, no matter their level of expertise or depth of experience.

effective speakers believe in what they are saying

That’s basically all you need to know.

If you believe in what you are saying it will come out naturally in your gestures. 

If you do not believe what you are saying your tentativeness will show just as boldly.

- speak with feeling, from your heart (as well as your head)

- eye contact = proof of your commitment (whether your audience believes you or not is another question)

- be open, friendly, and approachable. Convey your humanity.

clothing and appearance

- match your appearance to the occasion

- conservative and simple

- light makeup for television (men, too)

- no busy patterns

- no heavy jewelry

- check hair before interviews

- details count

Bottom line: your appearance should never distract from your message

*for more, see “You are the Message” by Roger Ailes and Jon Krauschar Doubleday, New York 1988