Eric May – Media Consultant




In broadcast news, your message will be expressed in a sound bite(s), that short “bite” of information the conveys the essence of your views.

How well you prepare your sound bites is decisive in how effective they will be for the journalist, and for the audience.

Sound bites have two components:

• The essence of the story
• Interesting to you as a professional and as a person
• Includes human emotion/human cost
• New/unusual/unique/breaks stereotypes

• No more than 20 seconds
• A complete thought
• Specific, not abstract or general
• Jargon Free: conversational

three steps to prepare effective sound bites

1. Take your time: think honestly about what interests you about the story

2. Be confident: if it interests you, it will interest an audience

3. Practice aloud: express each idea in a complete thought (bullet points help)