Eric May – Media Consultant




To express ideas effectively to the news media and non-technical audiences remember...

• Just because you think it is newsworthy does not mean the news media does.

• Avoid talking about process (explaining budgets, funding sources, organizational structures, meetings, workshops, training sessions, etc) like the plague.

• Express ideas in terms of results (how people’s lives were/could be changed)

• Express ideas in terms of your specific audience’s shared values

to convey expertise: prioritize and choose

• Do some thinking about what interests you personally about the issue

• What interests you will interest your audience

• For each: three bullet points, clearly formulated beforehand

avoid jargon and institutional language

• Results, not process

• Make numbers accessible (comparisons, before and after, etc)

• Be detailed and specific, not abstract or general

• Storytelling: show how ordinary people are affected

tell what is newsworthy

• What has changed?

• What is new/unusual/unique?

• Does it break stereotypes or preconceptions?

• What is unforgettable?

• What if it was me?