Eric May – Media Consultant




A press conference is a method to bring the news media and your experts together to promote your issues, the release of a report or an important initiative.

Unfortunately, many organizations still see the press conference as “theatre” – a way to shine the bright lights of the news media on the organization and its officials. 

News people recognize that. That’s why, for news organizations, a press conference is not a news event. The news media sees press conferences for what most of them are: staged events about promotion and “theatre”, not news. 

For your press conference to succeed – getting the news media to attend and getting your information across – you must make it newsworthy: identify and choose a news angle that you think will have a chance of getting attention and coverage.

First, choose a news angle that will attract the attention of the news media. Answering these questions will help you:


What is the story? Why should anyone care? What is new? What is unusual? What has changed? What breaks a stereotype or preconception? How are people affected?

Prepare a press release that starts with your news angle. Then explain the details of what is to be said at the press conference.