Eric May – Media Consultant




An effective online story is:

• Simple but complete
• Three elements only: What’s new? What does it mean? What’s next?
• Searchable, intuitive keywords

online news takes three different forms:

• Short stories 
- Headline
- Text only

• Stories “plus one” additional element
- Headline
- Text 
- An image/video/graphic/sound

• Multi-element stories include:
- Headline
- Text 
- Video
- Sound
- Images/photo galleries
- Graphics/maps
- Archive
- Primary sources and documents
- Links to: government, press releases, external companies, external news sources, 
relevant blogs, forums and social media platforms/communities


Constantly adding elements as the story builds:

• New facts
• New elements 
• Links

It’s the prime nature and primary attraction of online news: it ischanging and evolving all the time (not least of which because there is a lot of space to build on).