Eric May – Media Consultant




Science versus the news media


Scientists and journalists (including those from scientific journals) often seem to disagree about what is “newsworthy” about science. But both actually have many things in common:

What some scientists think about journalists
• Have their own agenda
• All they want is to make a show or sell a newspaper
• Understand nothing of science
• Don't want to listen
• Only care about their own interests
• Pack mentality: many driven by ideology of the opponents of science/my work


What some journalists think about scientists
• Don't understand what I need and how I work
• Always think what they are saying is news
• Think I should know what they know
• Cannot express ideas clearly (technical jargon, not clear language)
• Inaccessible to the public
• Don't understand my audience


In the “war” between science and journalism, consider how much scientists and the journalists who cover science have in common.