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Media Literacy is about being able to both understand media critically, and be fluent in effective tools to express ideas in a variety of mediums. “Media literate” people not only understand how the media works, but are able to create messages that match the characteristics of different media, reaching each medium’s unique audience. This Compact Guide gives you the basic tools to do both.

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When something big happens, the news organization that is on the air and online first usually dominates the coverage for the rest of the day, and the rest of the story. When news breaks, audiences are switching around, looking for a station covering what’s happening, and doing it well. When they find it, they tend to stay with that station. Doing well on breaking news and crisis coverage is a proven way to win new viewers and beat a well-established competitor. Reputations of a established news outlets that didn’t perform competitively on a big story can change for the worse overnight; it can take years to recover the audience share lost in poor performance on a big story. This Compact Guide spells out the essential things news organzations need to know to compete, and win when a big story breaks.

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When a proposed new law is debated in the parliament, what's the best way to cover it? When one politician accuses another, what's the best approach to take in your story? When a politician promises something, what's the best way to report if that promise has been kept? How do you cover a street demonstration effectively? And what is the best method to portray a politician close-up? This Compact Guide takes a step-by-step approach, giving practical methods to cover different categories of political news.

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Why aren't more experts outstanding teachers? And why aren't more teachers exceptional experts? It's one thing to know what you are talking about. It's quite something else to be able to express what you know to others. Getting beyond the limits of your own knowledge, and thinking more about the audience, is the beginning of inspiring your participants, and effective training. This Compact Guide will give you a step by step approach to develop, build and deliver effective training workshops for a wide range of clients and participants. It includes methods for developing effective examples and practical exercises, inspiring interaction, and working with buyers to deliver the outcomes they need.

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Inevitably, in any competitive business, “office politics” can come into play. If you are affected, and you feel you can’t ignore what’s happening, you must react. The key to responding appropriately is understanding your adversary, where they stand in the hierarchy, and what their motivations may be. This Compact Guide identifies effective methods for identifying why someone might be targeting you in a political game, defusing uncomfortable situations, and the key differences in handling a conflict with colleagues or with your boss, as well as ideas for protecting yourself against political games before they start.

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