Eric May – Media Consultant




What is a story?


A story can be about a lot of things:

  • A person or a place
  • A conflict or event
  • It can be emotional, dramatic, meaningful, inspiring

A story can be engaging, even memorable.


But at the most fundamental level:


Stories are about CHANGE. No change, no story.


Here's a formula: Character + Conflict = Change.


Change can be expressed as:

  • "What changed (or could change?)"
  • "What we learned"

The more powerful the change, the more memorable the story for the audience.



Our challenge as storytellers:


Can we "prove relevance?"


Can we make our stories closer to the real life of our audience?


Can we inspire our audience to ask: "what would I do if I was in that situation?"


Can we inspire the question "what if it was me?"


That's how to make stories both engaging and memorable for your audience.