What people say

Eric May

“Eric May is the best trainer working in Europe today.”

Kevin Cassidy, Director, ILO Office for the United States, International Labour Office, United Nations

“The results speak for themselves: audience share has increased for the programs Eric has worked with. His approach is methodical, practical and inspirational. Our employees always learn something useful for their daily work.”

Christian Böhler, Senior Vice President, ProSiebenSat.1 Germany

“In the years we have worked with Eric, our main television channel has gone from third place to first place in the market. His method engages entire teams and bonds them more closely together. The best consultant we have ever worked with.”

Mart Normet, Head of Entertainment Programming, Estonian National Television

I personally use what I learned from Eric in my daily work, especially when I have to solve complex situations with my team or present my case to senior managers.”

Montserrat Canela Garayoa, Senior Archivist, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR

“He has a unique ability to combine his rich experience in the broadcast media with exceptional skills in engaging groups of highly intelligent, abstract-thinking scientists and researchers. Without exception his workshops have received stunningly positive participant evaluations.”

Dr. Elinor Thompson, Director, PRBB Intervals Program, Barcelona Biomedical Research Park

“Eric exerted a decisive influence on the content and design work of the editorial department. Thanks to his coaching, the program always found a connection to contemporary and successful storytelling.”

Florian Falkenstein, Editor in Chief, ProSiebenSat.1, Munich

“Many thanks, Eric. We learned a lot and got many new impulses from you. Everyone praised the pleasant and constructive atmosphere because of your great way of communicating. We will be integrating what you taught us in our daily work.”

Martin Hoernle, head, Reporter Pool, MAZ&More Berlin / Sat1 Breakfast Television

“Thanks to you, Eric. The training was exactly the kind of eye-opening, editorial horizon-broadening exercise I hoped it would be. I’ve had good feedback from all around the team.”

Stephen Clark, Communications Directorate, European Parliament

Fantastic, insightful and eminently practical… what we learned will be used to modernize our product mix, which is what I (personally) was looking for when we set up the training session.”

Jean-Yves Loog, Head, Internal Communications, European Parliament

“We are very lucky to know you, the world’s high profile communication expert/consultant and trainer. You are on our top list of ‘wanted persons.’ Many thanks.”

Dr. Dinh Thi Thuy Hang, Director, Center for Further Training of Professional Journalists, Vietnam Journalists Association

“Thank you, Eric for another inspiring event! It’s always impressive and remarkable how we are able to improve our stories with the strong input you give us.”

Christoph Lierer, Producer, GRIP Das Motormagazin, Burda Studios/RTL2 Germany

“I can truly say that Eric has changed my and VRT’s thinking about news stories. Strongly recommended.

Ruud Hendrickx, Language Advisor, VRT Brussels

“He has a deep insight into the fast-changing media world of today and knows how to turn this knowledge into valuable recommendations and analysis that allow his clients to identify the key developments in their field, adapt to them and deliver first class services… and, last but not least, Eric is really fun to work with.”

Peter Schmitz, Web Editor, International Olympic Committee

“Eric has a perfect knowledge of the international news business: he knows what audiences want to hear and see. And, what is less common, he knows how to transmit his knowledge; to train people and make a workshop really lively.”

Michel Poncet, Head of Human Resources, European Broadcasting Union Geneva

“Eric has put together a communications strategy which has improved our outreach capacity thousandfold! Eric is sharp, intelligent and most of all… fun to work with.”

May East, CEO, CIFAL Scotland, United Nations Institute for Training and Research UNITAR Associated Training Center

Eric made us stop seeing dead-ends or ‘one size fits all’ solutions. The participants discovered that solutions to their problems do exist, and that they have the ability to create them much more than they thought they did.”

Isidoros Papamichalis, Human Resources Director, Star TV Athens

“Eric has produced outstanding training courses for my organization. The trainees loved it – and I did too, as we benefitted from the results.”

Piotr Azia, Deputy Head of News, Eurovision Geneva

“Eric transfers and shares his knowledge and experience in the most flexible and organised of ways. Never late, always reachable and trustworthy, Eric just knows how to build that special and lasting bond.”

Nela Gudelj, Head of Education and Training, HRT Zagreb

“Eric May is more than a trainer – he’s a miracle worker. His ability to work with local staffs is by far the most impressive I’ve seen. And if you want a trainer who is focused on delivering what the client needs and wants, Eric’s your guy.”

John Boit, Internews Caucasus Regional Director

The best teacher I ever had.

Audrius Lelkaitis, Investigative Journalist, Vilnius Lithuania