Books by Eric May

The Modern Media Strategist

A practical guide to successfully getting your story told by the news media

Comprehensive, compact and eminently practical, “The Modern Media Strategist” is the essential guide to finding your story and pitching it successfully to the news media. Written specifically for practitioners in international development, non-profits, NGOs, scientific researchers and global business people, this is the go-to guide for reaching wide audiences through getting your story told by the news media.

“Indispensable… anyone seeking to develop or expand their organization’s positive public image needs to read this book.”
Mike Cavender, Executive Director Emeritus, Radio Television Digital News Association, Washington, DC

“The essentials for understanding the news media, formulated in a useful, practical and effective way. Excellent.”
Siegfried Bracke, political commentator and former President of the Belgian Chamber of Deputies 

“Convincing, well structured and easy to understand. Helpful methods to explain your expertise.”
Christian Boehler, media and digital content executive, Munich

“An incredibly thorough approach to strategic communications.”
John Boit, Partner, Melwood Global Public Relations, Washington DC