Sparking understanding

Effective communication

Consider the difference between information and communication:

Information is NOT communication.

Mere information, like so much of what’s in the news and on social media, celebrity sightings, sports scores, movie reviews, who’s up and who’s down in politics, is mostly meaningless and forgettable. It doesn’t demand anything.

Communication always demands a result: what you want, the action you are proposing.

Communication is perception.

“Perception” is how your audience “gets” what you are asking. What do they already know? What are their preconceptions about what you want? What are their preconceptions about you (if they have any)?

To communicate effectively, you have to think a lot about your audience, first, and present what you have to say in a way they can clearly understand. Only then can your audience decide if they are willing to go along with what you are asking.

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