Building trust

Nothing can happen without trust.

Trust can be based on many things:

  • A referral
  • Past experience/job history
  • Part of the same organization
  • Specific expertise

But how do you get people to trust you, especially someone you do not know well?

Respect your negotiating partner enough to find out about them before the negotiation begins. What are their accomplishments, what have they achieved, published, where are their successes and what are their passions? Do they have an interest in sports/arts/travel? Do they have a particular area of study? What have they done professionally they may be proud of?

Do some homework. Checking their social media feeds is easy and obvious. What are they emphasizing? What seems important to them? Is it professional achievement, family, adventure, travel, relaxing, hobbies? Did they make a big career change? Recently change their life direction? If they did, what does that tell you about them?

It’s likely you will discover things that not only surprise you but also can be an interest or experience you also share.

And that can be the basis for the best and most effective technique for building trust of all:

Make a basic emotional connection with your negotiating partner.

Once you begin to build trust:

  • “Make them a partner” in your goals
  • Be clear, business-like and friendly
  • Answer any and all questions about what you hope to do